About Us


Vietnam Track is a non-profit project with the mission to support foreigners in HCMC in two aspects:

1/Tourism (Saigon Hangouts weekend trips)

Saigon Hangouts weekend trips are organized once every month. The trips start from HCMC to other provinces in Southern Vietnam and lasts for 1-2 days. The trips are designed to give foreigners real insights into the local lives and connect people together. 

>>>Look at our previous trips here

2/Language (Language Exchange Partner – launched soon)

Language Exchange Partner is a program to connect learners of different languages. Foreign language learners can study with the natives and pay back by teaching your mother tongue to your partners who are interested in your language. 


Our values: LovingPassionateResponsible.

1/Loving: love our country, care for others and work with all of our hearts.

2/Passionate: We are passionate about our missions. Although the journey is tough, we know that with strong passion, we can create beautiful things.

3/Responsible: We take responsibility of our activities. We ensure the safety of travelers. We ensure the preciseness of information provided. 

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